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Reputation Strategy

In business, your reputation is everything. Thanks to social media and review sites like Yelp, you can build a great online reputation fast. There's just one problem: The Internet moves fast, and with a few missteps, you can hit rock bottom just as quickly as you rose to that coveted 5-star rating.

When someone wants to learn about anyone and anything, they turn to the Internet.

We will help define your needs and goals and come up with a solution that will gain you positive results.

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Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Google Reviews

Getting negative reviews on Yelp can be very bad for small local businesses and can cost the business owner a lot of income.


Yelps main business model is based on user-generated reviews for local businesses.


Yelp uses a 5-star rating system and has mechanisms to stop spammers from posting false reports or business owners from creating 5-star reports for themselves. You may often see that there are filtered reports on Yelp that do not show up but that can still be reviewed by clicking a link on the bottom of the page. The score from the filtered reports will not add up in your overall rating.

How can BlabNet help? 

  • We help you improve your Yelp reputation in several ways:

  • Review your current negative Yelp reviews. Do they go against Yelp Content Guidelines and Terms of Service? We will contact Yelp on your behalf to achieve a positive outcome.

  • Act as a mediator between your company and the authors of bad reviews.

  • Help you devise a plan that will get you more positive reviews.

When Google made their reviews the only listed reviews on their highly visible “Google Places” results it became more important than ever to encourage customers to leave positive reviews on their Google accounts about their experience with your business.

Getting reviews is hard: you’ve probably noticed that it is difficult to get customers to leave reviews.

Some solutions include

  • Email reminders

  • Surveys

  • Follow up emails on customer satisfaction


We'll help your company make leaving a review as easy as possible for your customers.

Local SEO
Google Places

With the rise of smart phone use in the US it’s more important than ever to have your Google places listing up to speed.

Let’s start with a few facts. Did you know that;

  • 73% of all online activity is related to local content (Google)

  • 82% of local searchers follow up with a phone call or show up on your doorstep (TMP/comScore)

  • 66% of Americans use local search to find local businesses (comScore)

  • Voice search on Android phones results are first from Google local.


Recent Google Places changes and enhancements push map with local businesses above the ads on the right side. Local listings are appearing above all organic search results and have taken up more space, pushing the organic listings further down the page.

With the recent Google launch of Hotpot, Google is entering the local recommendation space. Hotpot combines Google Places, the places you like and the places your friends like making it even easier for people to make decisions about which local businesses to patronize.

These days, if your listing doesn’t have a 100% score, you can forget about being listed in the first 7 local businesses that Google displays for local results.

Local listings & SEO have always been important for small business online marketing, and now they’re essential.

Contact us to learn how we can work together to implement the best social strategy for your organization. 

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